(lyrics inspired by Jordan Wilson)

[VERSE 01]

I’m on the brink of tearing my mind out of the hell hole behind me

I’ve been sinking in my grief and my wrath and my arrogant pity and loathing

I can feel the breath of relief 

gently whispering 

I can feel the winds of change

wildly blowing… and burning


[VERSE 02]

But I don’t know if I want to taste that relief

No I don’t know if I want to face that change

Cause I’ve never known any other refuge

And I’m not ready to let go so soon


[VERSE 03]

Shame was there for me, when my innocence died

Rage impassioned me to stand fast and fight

Pain was searing when I could not feel

And my anxieties remind me what’s real


They’ve left their scars but they’ve never left me alone

And letting them go means that I might be on my own

I want redemption but I’m scared to say goodbye

Cause if I’m without their company then who am I?


[VERSE 04]

In the mirror I’m facing the face of a person I don’t wanna trust 

My identity crisis do I wanna escape my own mind’s oppression?


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